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Patriot wins the 2014 Detroit Cal 25 Season Championship

2014 Detroit Cal 25 Overall Season ChampPatriot and her crew captured the Season Championship by winning the Spring, Summer & Overall DRYA Series, second in the Bayview Yacht Club One Design Regatta, sixth in the Nationals, fifth in the grueling North Channel race (35 mph+ wind) and winning the Long Distance Series.

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2014 Detroit Cal 25 Overall Season Champion  Patriot #466

2014 Detroit Cal 25 Overall Season Champions
Patriot #466


Patriot Owners

    John & Tracy McAllister


     Jim Weiztmann

     Bob Cazabon

Target Practice wins the 2014 Cal 25 National Championship

line-1024x634The Cal 25 class is strong, thriving and remains one the most competitive one design classes in Michigan.  The 2014 Cal 25 National Championship was raced over three challenging light-air days, Jul-28 through Aug-2.  Target Practice and her crew executed their plan to win the Nationals in convincing fashion.

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2014 CAL25 NationalsTarget Practice #632 - Erik Ryan / Adam HollerbachGallery of Champions

2014 CAL25 Nationals
Target Practice #632 – Erik Ryan / Adam Hollerbach
Gallery of Champions

Target Practice Owners

Erik Ryan

Adam Hollerbach


Nathan Hollerbach

RJ Wolney

Brad Terpstra

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